Start Automation Micro controller SCADA from scratch


Smart Introduction to Automation using Smart ways to introduce you to the automation world very quickly

This course will help you open the door into programming,  it will help you understand the connection between many electrical and automation devices  .those connections are the key to advance into Automation quickly.

This course  will be updated every time to cover more and more industrial topics

As all we know,  the Technical world is getting bigger, you need to learn the key thoughts to get you updated quickly.

This course is on the way to be one of the best key courses, that will shift you from a beginner to advanced quickly.

This course will be updated every couple of weeks to maximize and cover many automation items.

So: Learn fast and have fun

Thank you

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What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction
  • Digital Electronics
  • The Contact 0 or 1
  • Logical Gates - NOT
  • Logical Gates - AND
  • Logical Gates - OR
  • Logical Gates - XOR
  • Test Logical Gates
  • Basic Ladder Progamming
  • Basic Ladder OR Function
  • Basic Ladder AND function
  • ON Delay Timer
  • OFF Delay Timer
  • Introduction to Analogue Inputs
  • You will be able to develop PLC programs and logic for Basic projects
  • You will learn the basic items to start your programming world
  • You will have an overview of how to make SCADA's

Topics for this course

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Material Includes

  • Course Language: English
  • Course Lectures: Video
  • Course Duration: 1hr 43min of on-demand video
  • Quiz & Assessments


  • Internet & Accessible Device
  • Minimum knowledge of Digital Electronics

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to start PLC, SCADA and Micro-controller programming