Diploma in Hospitality Management

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About Course

Learn about the essential principles of hospitality management, the nature of hospitality, and concepts and skills required in the hospitality sector.

The hospitality sector generates hundreds of billions of dollars annually, and is a key revenue generator in all modern economies. This sector is continually growing and employs millions of professionals worldwide.
The course Diploma in Hospitality Management teaches you about the key skills required to work in hospitality management, and you will learn about the functions of different hotel departments. The course begins by introducing you to the nature of hospitality, such as the relationship between the hospitality sector and tourism, the various types of accommodation and the different types of hotel guests, and meeting their requests.
Next, the course teaches you about hotel management and the organization of hotel departments, their functions and the roles involved. The course also covers food and beverage services and their relationship to other hotel departments. You will learn about restaurant operations planning, the organization of the kitchen, menu objectives and planning, table setting, and restaurant design and layout. Finally, you will learn about the food handling process, including topics like food safety, food contamination, and personal hygiene for catering practitioners. You will learn how to respond to kitchen accidents and the procedures that must be in place to ensure staff safety when working with different types of equipment or in the case of fire.
This course will be of great interest to hospitality professionals working in hotels, restaurants, or any other hospitality service operation. It will also great interest to any learner who would like to gain employment or progress in their career in the hospitality sector.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Characteristics Of The Hospitality Industry
  • Introduction To The Accommodation Sector
  • Introduction To Hotel Management
  • Hotel Front Office Operations
  • Hotel Housekeeping Department
  • Diploma In Hospitality Management - First Assessment
  • Introduction To The Food And Beverage Sector
  • Food And Beverage Services
  • Restaurant Operations Planning
  • Kitchen Design And Layout
  • Safe Food Handling In Food Service Operations
  • Preventing And Treating Accidents In Food Service Operations
  • Diploma In Hospitality Management - Second Assessment
  • Final Course Assessments
  • After completing this course you will be able to:
  • Explain the characteristics of the hospitality industry
  • Define the classification of hotel departments
  • Define the food and beverage departments of a hotel
  • Describe the different market segments and customer types
  • Explain the classification of the different modes of operation
  • State the objectives of a menu
  • Illustrate what is meant by kitchen layout and design
  • Explain proper food handling priorities
  • Describe the food preparation procedures
  • List the different types of restaurant workforce injuries and accidents
  • Explain health and safety procedures as applied to the hospitality sector

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