Cyber Security Course ( Beginner Level by ELC )

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About Course

Understanding Cyber Security Concept.( Short Course )

In this course, you will understand the Basic Concept of Cyber Security.

What is Cyber Security?

1. What is Cyber Security?.
2. The Importance of Security.
3. Microsoft’s 10 Laws of Cyber Security.
4. Physical Security .
5. Physical Threats.
6. User tracking.
7. Physical Protection of Data .
8. Recovery Planning .
9. What is Cyber Crime?.
10. Cyber Crimes by Insiders and Outsiders.
11. Structured and Unstructured Attacks.
12. Motivations for Cyber Crime.
13. The Different Kinds of Cyber Crime .
14. Cyber Stalking.
15. Law about Child Pornography.
16. Forgery and Counterfeiting.
17. Software Piracy and Crime related to IPRs.
18. Cyber Terrorism .
19. Phishing.
20. Computer Vandalism.
21. Computer Hacking .
22. Intro of White Hat Hacker.
23. Intro of Black Hat Hacker.
24. Intro of Grey Hat Hacker.
25. Intro of Blue Hat Hacker.
26. Creating and distributing viruses over internet
27. Spamming .
28. Online Auction Fraud.
29. Cyber Squatting.30. Logic Bombs.31. Web Jacking .
32. Internet Time Thefts
33. Denial of Service Attack34. Email Spoofing.

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will understand the concepts of Cyber Security.

Course Content

Cyber Security

  • Self Learning Material

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