Computer Hardware, Software & Networking Basic Course

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About Course

Welcome Students to MOCT College – Microsoft Online Certification Training.

Course Title: Computer Hardware, Software & Network Basics Course.

This course will teach you the basics of computing hardware, software, and networking and build computing skills.

This course is designed for computer engineering beginner level to understand the basics of computing.

Contents Module.

1) Digital versus Analog Content Module

2) Computer Hardware Content Module.

3) CPU Types Content Module.

4) How CPU Work Content Module.

5) Microcomputer Platforms Content Module.

6) Memory RAM Content Module.

7) Memory RAM Types Content Module.

8) Storage Technology Content Module.

9) Storage Devices, Understanding Data Measurements & How Big are They Content Module.

10) Input & Output Devices Content Module.

11) Basic Concept of Network & Devices Content Module.

12) Options and Tradeoffs Content Module.

13) Softwares or Applications Content Module.

14) System Software or Operating Systems OS such as Windows, MAC and Linux Content Module.

15) Intro to Computer Programming Languages Content Module.

After completing this course the computer engineering or computer science student will learn about computer basics.

A great words said by ( Alfred Aho )

”Computer Science is a science of abstraction -creating the right model for a problem and devising the appropriate mechanizable techniques to solve it”.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding the fundamentals of Computer hardware , software and network devices along with measurement of storage system or devices.
  • 1) Students will build the skills of computing.
  • 2) Students will learn about computer programming.
  • 3) Students able to repair the Computer or Laptop.
  • 4) Students able to troubleshoot the storage issues.
  • 5) Students will be able to Setup their Home or Personal Computer.

Course Content

Computer Intro and Digital versus Analogue Module

  • Draft Lesson

Intro to Computer Hardware Module

Computer CPU Types

How Computer CPU Works ?

Microcomputer Platforms Module

Computer Memory RAM and RAM Types ( Random Access Memory )

Storage Technology, Devices , Understanding Data Measurement & how big are they

Computer Input & Output Devices

Network Basics Concept and Devices

Options and Tradeoffs

Computer Software’s / Applications , System Software’s and Operating System

Introduction to Computer Programming Languages.

Instructional Support & What Technology Based resources available